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Helpful resources for your sustainable landscaping projects

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Save water and money on your bill when you remove thirsty turf and install sustainable landscaping. Whether you do it yourself or work with a landscape professional, we have an array of programs and resources to help make your DIY lawn-to-garden transformation easier.

Turf Replacement Resources

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California Friendly® Landscaping in Los Angeles

Learn how to transform your thirsty lawn into a beautiful, sustainable garden wih low water-need plants that thrive in the LA climate. Find out how to design, California Friendly® landscaping, search free sample landscape design templates, discover a curated list of plants, and much more.

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Landscape Transformation: How-to Videos

Watch step-by-step landscape transformation videos on how to survey your site, turf removal, garden design, planting, maintenance, and much more.

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Free Landscape Training

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Landscape Training Classes

Classes are available online and in person and provide a cursory overview of the benefits of a California Friendly Native Plant landscape, how to remove turf and replace it with low-water-using landscape, and garden design and plant selection.

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Los Angeles Outdoor Landscaping Academy

Professional landscaper or gardener looking to get certified on how to maintain a water-efficient, California Friendly® or native garden, can check out these free certification programs can help your master maintenance of native and California Friendly® plants, irrigation efficiency, weed and pest management and more.

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Outdoor Watering Rebates

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Turf Replacement Rebate

Save on your water bill by transforming your lawn with the Turf Replacement Rebate, LADWP’s most popular water conservation program. Residential and Commercial customers can receive support and rebates for sustainable landscaping improvements.

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Residential SoCal Water $mart Water Rebate Program

Through a partnership with the Metropolitan Water District’s SoCal Water $mart program, LADWP offers water conservation rebates for clothes washers, toilets, leak detection, turf replacement and landscape irrigation.

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Other Resources

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City Plants

City of LA residents are eligible to receive free trees from City Plants to plant in your yard or in your parkway.

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Mulch Giveaway

Mulch plays a vital role in creating and maintaining a drought tolerant landscape. Mulch is available at no cost to all City of LA residents through LA Sanitation's Free Mulch Giveaway program.

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