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City Plants

City of LA residents are eligible to receive free trees from City Plants to plant in your yard or in your parkway.

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About City Plants

LADWP has been funding tree planting through City Plants since 1998. Under California law, every utility must invest money in energy efficiency and reach certain goals. Shade tree programs continue to provide a cost-effective component of LADWP’s energy efficiency portfolio.

Our support of City Plants addresses the low tree canopy cover in the City, which averages 21%, well below the national average of 27%. Trees save energy by shading homes and buildings, allowing air conditioners to use less kilowatt hours to keep our homes and businesses comfortable. Trees also remove pollutants from the air, absorb polluted runoff and provide aesthetic benefits.

Trees are a great investment for energy efficiency because they become more effective at saving energy with age. Through our support of City Plants, we are investing in the green future of Los Angeles. 

How to Apply

LA residents interested in requesting free trees through the City Plants program should visit the City Plants webpage or call (213) 473-9950.