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Educational Programs

Educational Programs at the LADWP are part of a tradition that spans more than four decades. LADWP believes in community involvement, especially in the field of education. Our agency and employees are a vital part of the city we serve. LADWP has been recognized nationally as a leader in the development and implementation of Educational Partnership Programs.

North Hollywood High School Team A vs North Hollywood Team B in the final round of competition at the LADWP 2023 Regional Science Bowl on March 4.

Assisting the Community

Participating and assisting in the education of the children in the city and communities we serve helps secure a knowledgeable base of residential and business customers that understand and appreciate water, energy, and environmental issues. Involvement in education also ensures the development of a skilled, productive, and competitive work force that benefits not only the LADWP, but also the city as a whole. Education is an essential component of economic development for the city.

LADWP realizes the importance of providing resources towards the enhancement of our educators and the children they teach. We take pride in being able to spark the creative energy of a new generation. As a result, the LADWP participates in a number of Educational Partnership Programs.

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