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Clean Energy Future

LADWP is creating a clean energy future for Los Angeles while maintaining a reliable and cost-effective power supply for customers. Our future energy supply has zero coal, expanded renewables, energy efficiency, and clean energy projects, and dramatically reduces fossil fuel emissions.

Strategic Long-Term Resource Planning

LADWP is continuing to expand large-scale renewable energy resources, energy storage, and needed transmission capacity to bringing clean energy into Los Angeles. At the same time, we are building out local solar and batteries, electric vehicle charging, microgrids and other small-scale distributed energy resources. To ensure reliability during extreme heat conditions, or power and transmission losses from outside the area, LADWP has taken the first steps to developing green hydrogen-ready capability at the Scattergood Generating Station in Playa del Rey.

L.A's energy future is guided by the Power Strategic Long-Term Resource Plan (SLTRP), a roadmap for providing reliable and sustainable electricity to our customers. The SLTRP has a 25-year planning horizon while also transitioning to 100% carbon-free power by 2035 at the earliest.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key element of LA's transition to a clean energy future. LADWP's goal is to reduce energy use by 15% by 2020.

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Renewable Energy Expansion

LADWP and the City of Los Angeles have been at the forefront of California utilities in adopting aggressive clean energy goals.


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LA100 Equity Strategies

Building off of the LA100 Study, LA100 Equity Strategies aims to ensure a just and equitable transition to clean energy that benefits all of L.A.'s communities.

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100% Renewable Energy Study

At the request of the Mayor and City Council, LADWP has launched the 100% Renewable Energy Study and convened the 100% Renewable Energy Advisory Group to determine the steps and investments necessary to achieve a 100% renewable energy supply.