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Our Sustainable Water Future

We are continuing to expand L.A.’s water supply through facility improvements that will help combat future droughts and climate changes while foster our customers water-saving efforts through incentives.

To combat periodic droughts and address dramatic swings in climate, we are expanding L.A.’s local and resilient water supply through a major initiative called Operation NEXT, as well as new facilities to clean up the groundwater basin, improve the capture of stormwater runoff, and increase the capacity and use of recycled water. We continue to step up incentives to foster our customers water-saving efforts.

Our Water Supply Achievements

Over 30%

Less water per person per year in last 15 years

45+ Years

Of mandatory water conservation

Nearly 45 Billion Gal

Stormwater captured from Oct 2022 - Jun 2023, enough to fill 67,600 Olympic-sized pools

$130 Million

Amount invested in expanding stormwater capture infrastructure

Operation NEXT

Operation NEXT is an innovative eater supply initiative being developed by LADWP in partnership with LA Sanitation and Environment (LASAN) that aims to improve the overall water supply resiliency and reliability for Los Angeles. Operation NEXT involves maximizing purified recycled water from the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant in Playa del Rey and using advanced purification technology to create a new sustainable water resources, blended with drinking water as well as being used to replenish groundwater.

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Water Supply Goals

LADWP is committed to meeting our local water supply goals for expanding recycled water, increasing stormwater capture, restoring our full use of groundwater, and continuing to reduce water use through conservation.

Water Infrastructure Plan

Recycled Water

30,000 Acre-feet per year (AFY) in 2045

Storm Water Capture Capacity

150,000 Acre-feet per year (AFY) in 2035

Water Conservation

100 Gallons Per Capita Per Day by 2035

Recycled Water

30,000 Acre-feet per year (AFY) in 2045