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Filming Locations

Looking for a film location? LADWP can help. For details on filming at a LADWP location, call the Film Coordination Office.

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Film Coordination Office (213) 367-0112

LADWP locations have been used for a variety of projects – feature productions, student films, music videos, still photo shoots, website illustration, and television commercials. We have a competitive rate schedule and a streamlined permitting process.

LADWP owns and operates hundreds of facilities in the Los Angeles basin and in our northern territory of Lone Pine and Eastern Sierra. Many of our locations have not been used for commercial filming, so they are unfamiliar to the public. Our locations offer diverse settings which allow you to shoot multiple scenes all at one location. Some of the features at our facilities are:

  • Modern, art deco, and historical architecture
  • Industrial settings with catwalks, overhead cranes, large equipment, and machinery
  • Rural areas and unique topography, miles of transmission rights-of-way, desert landscapes, hillsides, and canyons
  • In our northern territory, there are creeks, vast acres of open land, and an airstrip

At the LADWP, we understand the arduous process of selecting a location, and we are committed to making the process an easy and pleasant experience. There are additional benefits to using an LADWP location – convenience, many are within a studio's zone, and our facilities are user-friendly.

Not only does the LADWP assist you with selecting your location, we also offer technical assistance in trade issues and script consultation involving LADWP-related facts. Other services we provide are temporary water or electric service.

We can meet your needs and accommodate a variety of requests from extensive prep and film work to parking for a day or filming for a few hours.

Current Filming Locations