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Electric Transportation

LADWP is charging ahead in furthering the City of Los Angeles’ goal to eliminate vehicle emissions as part of its vision to address climate change, improve air quality, and achieve environmental justice. LADWP is supporting the transition to zero-emission vehicles by deploying infrastructure projects, incentives, and local policies to overcome electric vehicle barriers to promote equitable zero-emission mobility access to all Angelenos. 

•    Preparing the grid through vehicle grid integration strategies, including rate design. 
•    Increasing charging station access across Los Angeles, including workplaces and public destinations.
•    Ensuring an equity-first approach in program design and implementation.
•    Creating customer awareness through robust education and outreach efforts.    

For information on rebate expenditures and progress towards LADWP’s EV infrastructure goals, refer to the LADWP Electric Transportation Program Dashboard.

Electric Transportation Programs

Both residential and commercial customers can take advantage of LADWP’s Electric Transportation programs.