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Water Services

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Small Service   
Purchase of Small Domestic Water Services (Services 3-inch in Size or Smaller) 
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Large Service   
Purchase and Installation Process for Large Domestic Water Services and Private Fire Services (Services Larger than 3-inches in Size)   
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Track Service   
Once you have paid for your new water service, you can track the status of your job.  
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If you do not find your service request, please call us at (213) 367-2130.

Temporary Water Services

Metered water service can be temporarily provided from a fire hydrant in the vicinity of your project. Construction projects and other activities that need water service for a limited time period can benefit from this service.

Temporary Water Services

High and Low Water Pressure Information

The maximum and minimum water pressure for any location served by the LADWP can be obtained by calling the Water Distribution Services Section.

High and Low Water Pressure Information

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Guide To Water Service       

Rules Governing Water & Electric Service     


Charges applicable to your service(s) will be contingent upon your site-specific service requirements. In addition to payment for the services and meters, charges may also be due for: 1) new or existing water mains (Water Main Charge-WMC), 2) extraordinary storage, pump, and distribution facilities (Acreage Supply Charge-ASC), and 3) any necessary new main extensions and/or replacements required to provide adequate water supply to your service(s).

Schedule of Charges for Water Facilities