Flume Smart Water Monitor

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Flume Smart Water Monitor

Get exclusive savings on a Flume smart home water monitor to help you track your water use, catch household leaks, and more.

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A Flume smart home water monitor device is positioned to the right of a smartphone showing the Flume app’s dashboard.

About the Program

LADWP and Flume Water have partnered to offer exclusive savings on Flume’s smart home water monitor, which sends minute-by-minute data about users’ water usage to their mobile devices. Single-family customers can purchase the device for $24 after discount (regularly $249), plus shipping and tax, through this direct discount program.

More information about the program is available here.

What Does Flume’s Smart Water Monitor Do?

Flume lets you track your water usage, get notified about leaks, set water use goals, and more—all from your smartphone or tablet. The DIY installation includes simply pairing your device with the Wi-Fi bridge and strapping it to your water meter, no pipe cutting or plumbers required.

Flume Smart Water Monitor Program App on phone

Once installed, Flume offers a deep dive into your water use with:

  • Down-to-the-minute water data so you know exactly how much you’re using and when
  • Suggested daily, weekly, and monthly targets to help you save big on your water bills
  • 24/7 leak detection and instant alerts to catch leaks when they start
  • Water breakdowns by individual water fixture, so you know exactly what’s using your water and where you can cut back
  • Detailed insights into outdoor water use to help you manage your sprinkler schedule

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify, you must:

  1. Be an LADWP account holder
  2. Live in a Single Family Residence
  3. Install the Flume device at the address where you receive your LADWP service
  4. Have not previously participated in the LADWP Flume program for that service address

You will also need to provide your LADWP account number as part of the purchase process to verify eligibility.

Discount Details

Initial purchase price is $49, plus shipping and tax. Once you register your device and install it on your water meter, $25 will automatically be refunded back to your credit card.

Total cost, after discount and installation refund, is $24 (regularly $249), plus shipping and tax.

How to Apply

Your Flume device must be purchased through the LADWP-specific Flume Water website at www.flumewater.com/ladwp.

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