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California Friendly® Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping for LA’s climate.

California Friendly® Landscaping in Los Angeles

The transformation of lawns to native or California Friendly® landscaping is a practical and impactful step towards water conservation and climate resilience. Native plants that thrive in California’s climate enhance soil health and create sustainable gardens by mitigating erosion and improving water retention in the ground. Plus, these landscapes provide habitats for local wildlife, fostering biodiversity and ecosystem resilience in the face of environmental stressors.

Switching to a drought tolerant landscape not only saves a significant amount of water, but also reduces water bills.

Our California Friendly® Landscaping website explains how to design and install California Friendly® landscaping; irrigation methods and equipment that will help you to water your landscape more efficiently; and features design templates , plant lists, and other tips to help you easily and effectively maintain your garden.