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Bill & Payment

LADWP offers payment options to make paying your bill more convenient, especially delinquent customers who want to avoid inconvenient and costly shutoffs that include charges of $50 or more to re-establish service.

Would you like to help the environment and at the same time save money? Opt to enroll in Paperless Billing Service. 

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Ways to Pay Your Bill

Customers may choose to pay their bill electronically or by telephone rather than by mail plus additional options.


Having trouble paying your bill?

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Financial Assistance

•LADWP offers discounted rates to low income and senior/disabled customers
•Payment Assistance Programs are also available to customers who qualify

See a complete list of all financial assistance options available to LADWP customers 

Are you late on your bill?

If you are unable to pay your bill by the due date, contact the LADWP before the bill becomes delinquent. We will work with you to arrange a payment plan. All customers with past due balances are eligible to make a payment plan with the LADWP.

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Pay Plan (including Payment Extension)

LADWP wants to make sure your service is never interrupted just because you are short on cash. Contact us before your bill becomes delinquent so we can reach an agreement on a payment plan. 

To enroll in a Pay Plan, go to your Account Summary (requires log in) and click on "Pay Plan Options" near the bottom of the page.


Pay Plan Options

Option #1 – 15% Initial Payment / 6 Months Pay Plan*
•Up to 6 months to pay delinquent balance
•15% of delinquent balance is required for first payment
•First payment must be paid within seven (7) calendar days

Option #2 – 25% Initial Payment / 8 Months Pay Plan*
•Up to 8 months to pay delinquent balance
•25% of delinquent balance is required for first payment
•First payment must be paid within seven (7) calendar days

Option #3 – Payment Extension**
•Request a short, additional amount of time to pay the account balance in full
•Extends the current balance due date to the next meter read date (2 days prior to the next bill issue date)

Option #4 – 10% Initial Payment / 12 Months Pay Plan* (for Residential Customers only)
•Up to 12 months to pay delinquent balance
•10% of delinquent balance is required for first payment
•First payment must be paid within seven (7) calendar days
•This option is only available for Low Income and Lifeline Rate customers.


Account Eligibility

•Not enrolled in Automatic Payment Service (cancel prior to creating Pay Plan)
•Current Balance of more than zero (no negative balance)
•No active Pay Plan or Payment Arrangement
•No combination of residential and commercial service addresses on account


Pay Plan Policy

LADWP Pay Plan Policy for Options #1, #2, and #4

LADWP is always encouraging full payments from all its customers. LADWP offers our customers Pay Plan options to assist with spreading out their payment over several bills to make it easier to pay and to avoid any risk of service interruptions.

Please note the following:

•Once a customer enrolls in a Pay Plan, the initial payment must be received within seven (7) calendar days from the date the Pay Plan was created.
•If the initial payment is not received within seven (7) calendar days from when the Pay Plan was created, or if any of the subsequent Pay Plan payments are not received by their corresponding due date, the Pay Plan will be considered "broken".
•Any Pay Plan payment that is less than the exact scheduled amount due will break the Pay Plan.
•If a customer breaks a Pay Plan, the full amount will be due immediately.
•If past due balances are not paid, customers will risk interruption to their services.
•A payment for an amount higher than the designated Pay Plan payment amounts, and/or submitting additional payments exceeding the amount due for any bills issued during the duration of an existing Pay Plan, will not cancel or decrease the amount of any remaining Pay Plan payments.
•A Pay Plan will not take into account any new bills issued after the Pay Plan has been created. The customer will be responsible for making a separate payment for each new bill issued during the duration of a Pay Plan.
•Only one Pay Plan can be active at a time per account.
•Enrolling in Automatic Payment Service while having an active Pay Plan will result in a withdrawal of the full amount due (past and current) with your next bill amount.

Want to lower your bill?

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