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Life-Support Equipment Discount

How to apply

Do you or a full-time member of your household regularly require the use of an essential life-support device? If so, the LADWP is pleased to offer a discount to customers who qualify. Eligible devices include, but are not limited to, motorized wheelchairs, respirators (all types), dialysis machines, suction machines, apnea monitors, iron lungs, electronic nerve stimulators, and others.

Medical Review Policy

Applications for the Life-Support Equipment Discount are subject to review by the LADWP medical director prior to acceptance. Continued discounts are subject to periodic review and re-certification.

How to apply

You may download, print, and mail in a paper application form.

Once complete, mail application to:

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
PO Box 515407, Room L63
Los Angeles, CA 90051-6707