Overview of the Power Quality Consulting Program

The Power Quality Group (PQG) performs troubleshooting, testing, analysis, evaluation, and provides solutions to power quality complaints from our residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Services Provided

The PQG provides LADWP customers with the following services to assist them in addressing power quality problems:

  • Resolve high and low voltage complaints
  • Evaluate and help resolve motor start problems
  • Investigate electronic equipment malfunction & failures
  • Investigate harmonics problems
  • Investigate system disturbances
  • Order load tests of 4.8 kilovolt (kV) and 34.5kV transformers and industrial stations (IS)
  • Provide power load surveys


In working with the customer, the PQG will take the following steps, as appropriate, to assist in resolving issues and to mitigate potential issues:

  • Gather information about the exact nature of the problem
  • Evaluate the cause by performing power quality site surveys to verify proper wiring and grounding of customer's electrical facilities (visual inspection)
  • Monitor the customer’s electrical system, which includes the main service panel
  • Analyze monitored and inspection data
  • Apply corrective solutions
  • If the cause has been found to be the LADWP’s responsibility, immediate action is taken to design and implement a solution, encourage operational groups to create or change maintenance/operating procedures, or suggest customer equipment changes or power conditioning that will reduce the impact to the customer
  • If the cause has been determined to emanate from the customer's premises, the PQG will then either offer a suggested course of action or recommend that a Power Quality Consultant be retained in cases where the scope of the solution is beyond the abilities of the PQG
  • Continue to methodically test and analyze the LADWP's power system to ensure delivery of high quality power to customers
  • Continue to keep abreast of new equipment, technologies, system designs, and phenomena resulting from the interaction of equipment (such as resonance and harmonics) that will impact the quality of power delivered to LADWP customers

To have your power quality concerns addressed, please fill out the following online form:   
Power Quality Consulting Form

For more information, go to Power Quality.

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding Power Quality Consulting, you may contact members of the PQG directly at:




Heber Sarmiento Valverde

(213) 367-6183

    [email protected]

Houtan Khadjehnouri

(213) 367-6085

[email protected]

Li P. Huang

(213) 367-6166

    [email protected]

Marco Garcia

(213) 367-6133

[email protected]

Michael Baraghimian

(213) 367-4290

[email protected]

Power Quality Hotline

LADWP Power Quality Hotline Hours.
Monday - Friday, 6:00am to 4:00pm

Additional Information

For other assistance, or for a quick check to ensure proper incoming voltage, please call the LADWP Electric Trouble Section.