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Equity Metrics Data Initiative

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LADWP is committed to providing clean and reliable water and power to all our customers, and your utility rates allow us to do so. As part of the LADWP Rate Action approved in March 2016, the LADWP established the Equity Metrics Data Initiative (EMDI) to track, measure, and report on how its programs are provided to all customers and residents of Los Angeles. The EMDI establishes a data-driven framework that assesses how well programs, services, and resources are distributed and used throughout the city, both geographically and demographically, to see whether any disparities exist. Data collection and analysis through the EMDI will provide important information about LADWP’s services and operations, and help ensure that all customers are reached with fairness and equity.

Equity Core Category and Metric

With input from key stakeholders, staff has identified Equity Metrics that are the most relevant to multiple aspects of LADWP’s operations. The metrics are also aligned with the Department’s priorities that we also track and report to Los Angeles city officials. There are 15 Equity Metrics in four core categories: 

Water & Power Infrastructure Investment

1. Water Quality Complaints
2. Water System Probability of Failure & Planned Replacements
3. System Average Interruption Duration Index & System Average Interruption Frequency Index
4. Power System Reliability Program – Pole, Transformer, Cable Replacements

Customer Incentive Programs/Services

5. Rain Barrel/Cistern/Water Tank Rebates
6. Turf Removal Rebates
7. Tree Canopy Program
8. Commercial Direct Install Program
9. Home Energy Improvement Program
10. Refrigerator Exchange Program
11. Consumer Rebate Program
12. Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
13. Low Income & Lifeline Programs


14. Small Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Veteran Business Enterprise Program Participation


15. New Hire/Promotion Demographics

LADWP began gathering information on these metrics upon Board approval in August 2016, and reported its findings March 7, 2017. Reports will follow every six months thereafter, concurrent with our reporting of our Rates Metrics. After the initial report, the LADWP will fine-tune the metrics to include any other areas that should also be evaluated, and remove others that may be redundant or duplicative.

Board Resolution No. 017-036 – Equity Metrics Data Initiative
Equity Metrics Fact Sheet

In the formation and the development of EMDI, LADWP received many valuable suggestions from various stakeholders. Here are suggestions and methods that were not included in the 15 selected metrics for the EMDI, but will be regularly reconsidered for evaluation and reevaluation as EMDI is implemented and refined.

Equity Metrics Data Initiative: Additional 50 Metrics
Equity Metrics Data Initiative Presentation (December 6, 2016)

Equity Metrics Data Initiative Report

LADWP presents the Equity Metrics Data Initiative (EMDI) Report to the Board of Water and Power Commissioners on a semi-annual basis. Stakeholder meetings are also being held to seek input from interested parties about how equity metrics are used on LADWP programs and services.