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Used Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

Up to $4,000 for qualifying used EVs!

Apply Today

Rebates of up to $1,500 now available for qualifying used electric vehicles (EVs) purchased within 12 months of application submittal! The Program now offers up to an additional $2,500 rebate for applicants who reside in a home that is participating in the Lifeline or EZ-SAVE Low Income Customer Assistance programs, for a total rebate amount of up to $4,000 (not to exceed the applicant’s total net cost)..

Who is Eligible?

You do not need to be an LADWP account holder to apply for the rebate, but your permanent residence must receive electric service from LADWP.

Eligible vehicles must meet the following criteria:

  • Purchased within 12 months of application submittal
  • Featured on the approved vehicle list
  • With a model year at least two years older than the calendar year in which you apply for a rebate, but not older than eight years.
    • For example, if you apply for a rebate in 2024, your vehicle model year must be from 2016 to 2022.
  • With fewer than two Used EV Rebates previously issued by LADWP (LADWP will only issue up to two Used EV Rebates for the same EV). Please obtain the VIN of the vehicle you are considering and review the Rebate Issued List:


  1. Ensure that LADWP issued fewer than two rebates for this vehicle.
  2. If a rebate was issued to a previous owner for the EV you are considering, you may only apply for a rebate after 24 months following the issue date of the first rebate by LADWP.
  3. Members of the same household as the applicant who received the first rebate are not eligible to receive a second rebate for the same EV.
  4. LADWP will verify the applicant’s participation in EZ-SAVE or Lifeline program and apply all eligible rebates at the time of application review.
  5. To qualify for the $2,500 adder, the service address must be in active participation in an eligible program from the date of EV purchase until the issuance of the rebate check.

Getting Started

Interested in buying a used EV but not sure where to start? Check out AAA’s 2023 Used EV Buyer’s Guide to learn the benefits and logistics of owning a used EV as well as the available incentives.

Before You Apply

List of Required Documentation When Applying Either Electronically or by US Mail

Please have the following required documents ready to submit with your online or mail-in application:

Copy of Current DMV Registration or Certificate of Title

Copy of Current DMV Registration (from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV), showing the vehicle registered to the applicant and service address listed on the rebate application. Temporary registration is not accepted. Certificate of Title is acceptable in lieu of current DMV registration. Certificate of Title must show applicant name and service address.

Copy of the Bill of Sale, or Certificate of Sale, or EV purchase contract/sales invoice

LADWP requires one of the following to verify proof of purchase: Copy of the bill of sale, as filed with the DMV, showing the applicant as the buyer of the used EV for which a rebate is requested (acceptable forms include REG 51, REG 135, REG 262, REG 343); or Certificate of Title with the purchase date and price included; or EV purchase contract/sales invoice with the purchase date and price included.

Additional Documentation Required When Applying By US Mail, Only:

Proof of Residence

Signed rental or lease agreement, or utility bill (landline, telephone, electric, gas, cable or satellite television not older than three months from the date of the application submittal)

Proof of Residence

If the registered owner of the vehicle is not identified in the proof of residence, the person identified in the proof of residence must sign Section 6 - Affidavit of this application

Receiving the Rebate

You will be notified when we receive your application. Funds are available on a first-come, first served basis.

How to Apply

Customers are strongly advised to confirm rebate eligibility before making their purchase. Please complete the application after purchasing the used EV.  For your convenience, you have two options for submitting your application: online (electronic application) or by US mail (paper application). The Electronic Application is currently only available to LADWP Account Holders Only - an Online LADWP account is required before applying.

Keep a copy of the submission confirmation page and all documents submitted for your records. You will be notified upon review of your application. Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For a guide to complete the application, please refer to the Used Electric Vehicle Rebate Application Guide. 


Electronic Application (LADWP Account Holders Only) – Online LADWP account required before applying.

  • Customer must log in to their LADWP online account. To apply online, the owner of the vehicle must also be the LADWP account holder. 

  • Requires electronic attachment of all supporting documents. Legible electronic copies (PDFs) and photographs (JPEG/JPG files) are acceptable. 

  • Online session times out after thirty (30) minutes of inactivity.



Paper Application By US Mail – Please use this option if you are not an LADWP account holder or if you do not wish to register with LADWP’s My Account.


Download, print and complete the PDF application.  

Once complete, mail application with required documentation to:  

Used EV Rebate Program  
PO Box 51111, Room 1019  
Los Angeles, CA 90051-0100 

Customer must review and complete all applicable parts of the application. For personal records, customers should make a copy of all documents (including the application) before mailing. 


By applying for an LADWP rebate and/or program, personal information provided may be subject to public disclosure by requesting parties, pursuant to the California Public Records Act.