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Virtual Net Metering

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What is the Virtual Net Energy Metering (VNEM) Program?

Local solar plays an important role in helping us meet our renewable energy targets, while reducing the carbon footprint of our power generation portfolio.

In 2019, with the City of Los Angeles’ Green New Deal—Sustainable City pLAn 2019, Mayor Eric Garcetti directed LADWP to create a new Local Solar program that would benefit local communities and multifamily residents: Virtual Net Energy Metering (VNEM) Pilot.

This program allows property owners and developers to install solar photovoltaic systems at multifamily sites and sell the solar energy generated to LADWP. A minimum of 40% of the proceeds will be distributed among on-site tenants, allowing multifamily tenants to experience first-hand the savings solar power provides.

Multifamily property owners might also be interested in the energy efficiency opportunities offered through our Comprehensive Affordable Multifamily Retrofits (CAMR) program. Additional information on CAMR requirements and application process can be found at

Enrollment Period

The VNEM Pilot program is open to all enrollment periods. Applications are being accepted from Groups A, B and C. Please refer to the VNEM Pilot Program Guidelines for eligible zip codes under each group.

Virtual Net Energy Metering Pilot Program Guidelines

The VNEM Pilot Program Guidelines provide background information and procedures for participation in the program. We recommend you familiarize yourself with them before applying.

Available Capacity

Five (5) megawatts (MW) of capacity or up to five projects, whichever is less, is available on a first come, first-served basis. Each project can have a capacity no greater than 3 MW. Any unused capacity from this program will revert to the current FiT allocation, pursuant to the VNEM Program Guidelines.

Total Available Megawatts = 5 MW (up to five projects)
Updated as of 7/19/2023
0 Projects (0 MW)
2 Projects (274.7 kW)
4.725 MW

Solar Energy Purchase Pricing

Project Capacity
30kW - 500 kW 500 kW - 3 MW
14.5¢ per kW 14.0¢ per lW

How to apply

Customers may submit an application by mail or email.

Mail or email

Download, print and complete the VNEM application package and mail to the address below. Hard copy application packages are required. Electronic files (e.g. Energy Production Profile) should be emailed to [email protected]. 

Once complete, mail application to: 

LADWP VNEM Program, Room
111 N. Hope St. Room L-43 
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Contract Documents

LADWP will purchase energy from Eligible Renewable Energy Resources under a long-term standard offer VNEM Power

 Purchase Agreement of up to twenty years in duration. Applicants must also submit a VNEM Interconnection Agreement along with Supplier Contract Data and Business Compliance Forms for contract execution.