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Shared Solar

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What is Solar Savings?

Shared Solar enables residential customers living in multifamily dwellings (apartments, condominiums, duplexes) to fix a portion of their electric bill against rising utility costs for 10 years, as well as support renewable energy, help create local jobs, help reduce the carbon footprint of LADWP’s generation portfolio and lessen the impact of global warming.

There are no enrollment fees, ongoing costs, maintenance costs, nor the hassles of installing a solar array on your home.

How does the program work?

Program participants subscribe for either the minimum of 50 kWh or the maximum of 100 kWh of energy on a monthly basis.

The 50 or 100 KWh of electricity is supplied by new solar power plants constructed in or near the LA basin and is billed at a fixed Shared Solar Program (SSP) rate.

An added benefit is that if you move, your subscription moves with you as long as your next home is a multifamily unit and within LADWP’s service territory.

Who is Eligible?

The program is open to City of Los Angeles electrical customers with the following qualifications:

  • Has a rate schedule of R1A-Standard Residential, R1D-Low-Income, or R1E-Lifeline.
  • Has an electric service account in good standing associated with a multifamily dwelling unit.
  • Has not participated in LADWP’s Solar Incentive.

How to apply

Customers may submit their application: online or by mail.


  • Customer must log in to or create an LADWP online account. 

  • Online session times out after thirty (30) minutes of inactivity. 



  • Customer complete and sign their SSP application. 

  • Customer mail the completed SSP application, to the LADWP Shared Solar Program at the address listed on the application. 

  • For personal records, customers should make a copy of all documents (including their application) before mailing.

Shared Solar Program Rates

Rate Rate (dollars per kWh) Time Period
Shared Solar Standard Rate $0.21665 Year 2024
Standard Residential Tier 1 Rate $0.21169 Year 2024 (July-September)


To Cancel

  • Customer complete and sign their SSP Termination Form.
  • Customer mail the completed SSP Termination Form, to the Shared Solar Program Manager of LADWP at the address listed on the form.
  • For personal records, customers should make a copy of their form before mailing.

For current rates, visit Understanding your Electric Rates.