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Energy Advisor

Put the Power Back in Your Hands

What is LADWP’s Energy Advisor?

LADWP’s Energy Advisor takes the questions out of your energy bill and puts your power back in your hands. Through Energy Advisor, you have access to a free suite of online tools to help you better understand and manage how you use electricity in your home.

  • Home Energy Calculator: An easy-to-use calculator that analyzes information about your home to create estimated breakdowns of your energy use and costs by heating, cooling, water heating, refrigeration, lighting, and appliances.
  • Bill Analysis: A tool that incorporates your actual LADWP bills into those breakdowns and allows you to compare past bills to your current bill—all to give better insights into your energy use and behavior. 
  • Energy Forecast: A forecasting tool that shows the current weather’s estimated direct impact on your home’s daily energy use and costs.
  • Savings Tips: A resource that estimates your potential annual savings from making simple home improvements and recommends LADWP programs and rebates that can help.
  • Video Bill Explanations: Personalized video message after a higher bill that describes factors that may have contributed to the increased energy use. To use this feature, you must provide LADWP with a valid email address and if you have created a customer profile online you must opt-in to receive marketing emails.

Who is eligible?

All Residential LADWP Electric Customers

How to use

Customers can take a short, interactive assessment about their household to see their energy use and costs broken down by heating, cooling, and other key factors. To get started, customers can click the link below to access the online portal, where they can complete the assessment, log-in to receive detailed information about their energy use history, and learn how to conserve.