General Information

The maximum and minimum water pressure for any location served by the LADWP can be obtained by calling the Water Distribution Services Section. Water pressure information is primarily used by plumbers, contractors, and homeowners to determine pipe requirements and whether or not a pressure regulator is needed. The pressure will be calculated based on the ground elevation at the requested location.


There is no cost for this service and most requests can be answered immediately over the phone. Records are kept of what water pressures are quoted so that they can be given to the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) and for future reference.


How to Obtain High and Low Water Pressure Information

Prior to contacting LADWP, confirm the address for which you require pressure information or the location with respect to a cross-street if there is no known address.  Please view the LADWP Water Distribution District Map below to find the service area and contact information for the subject property. E-mail is the preferred form of communication and is a requirement for all pressure requests.  Requests will be processed in the order of receipt.

By E-mail 
Download the Distribution District Map below for District-specific service e-mail addresses. 


By Mail or In Person              
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power              
Water Distribution Engineering Section              
111 North Hope Street, Room 1425              
Los Angeles, California 90012

Business Hours              
Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)

Residential Water Pressure Regulators

In the City of Los Angeles, new residential plumbing requires a pressure regulator whenever the water pressure from the city water main can exceed 80 pounds per square inch (psi). This requirement is from the Uniform Plumbing Code as adopted and enforced by the LADBS. Although, most pressure regulators are adjustable, they are normally set at a pressure between 50 and 70 psi. Regulators are installed and maintained by the property owner. Regulators are always located above ground, usually near where the plumbing enters the house. Older homes may not have pressure regulators even if the water pressure in the city water main exceeds 80 psi because they predate the current plumbing code.

For additional information, please contact the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety

Service Advisory Request

City Code Requirements

The size and type of water service(s) required for developments in the City of Los Angeles larger than single family dwellings vary greatly depending upon fire flow requirements set by the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) and the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD).

After consulting with the LADBS and LAFD to determine fire flow requirements for your project, you will need to contact a Water Service Representative at the LADWP to order a Service Advisory Request (SAR). This system hydraulic analysis will determine if existing LADWP water supply facilities can meet your proposed fire flow requirements. SAR reports are required by the LADBS for all fire services.

SAR Cost

Upon receipt of a completed request form and a $271 fee, the SAR analysis will be initiated. The completed SAR system analysis report will provide what flow rates and pressures are available at the specifically requested service location. If an analysis has been made at your location within the past year, a new report should be requested.


To provide high quality information for your proposed or existing service, a customized hydraulic analysis of existing LADWP facilities serving your location is made. The analysis is based on your exact service location and your maximum flow requirements. The time required to analyze and process your SAR report generally ranges from a few days to two weeks depending on the volume of requests and the complexity of the analysis. At this time, the average turnaround time is approximately 5 days and approximately 96% of the SARs are completed within 10 days. The SAR report will be mailed and/or faxed to you at your request. A copy of the completed report is sent to the DBS so that you may obtain your permit.

Information Required

To make a proper, complete, and timely analysis for your request the following information is required:

  • Address(es) of proposed/existing service installation(s) or legal description of property (tract and lot no.)
  • Proposed/existing service location(s) (distance from property line or distance to centerline of nearest cross-street)
  • Flow requirements (gallons per minute [gpm]) or size, and type of service desired (fire, domestic, irrigation)

How to Place Your Order

To print our SAR Application form (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format), please click on the link below.

SAR Request Form

For information regarding SARs and applicable charges, please contact the Distribution Engineering office at the telephone number listed below. You may place your order by mail or visit in person.

By Phone  
Ordering a “SAR” (213) 367-2130
General Information (213) 367-1182
Fax (213) 367-4434

By Mail or In Person             
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power             
Distribution Engineering Section – Water             
111 North Hope Street, Room 1425             
Los Angeles, California 90012

Business Hours for SAR   
Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)     

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Credit card payments related to water facility charges will only be process in person to protect the identity of the customer.

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