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New Construction Incentives - LADWP’s Zero By Design

LADWP encourages developers to build more sustainably by providing financial incentives for commercial and high-rise multifamily new construction projects which exceed Title 24 or industry standards.

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Building a Net-Zero Emissions Future

LADWP’s Zero By Design encourages developers to build more sustainably by providing financial incentives for commercial and high-rise multifamily new construction projects which exceed Title 24 or industry standards.

  • Receive Owner incentives to help offset the added costs of building more efficiently.
  • Design Teams may also be eligible for incentives by attaining aggressive energy savings goals.
  • In addition, applicants receive complimentary design assistance and review to aid them in realizing their projects’ maximum efficiency potential.



LADWP Zero By Design Express provides incentives for the purchase and installation of high efficiency new equipment. Utilizing deemed savings calculations, Express expedites your application processing to get you paid faster.

LADWP ZBD Express Image

Eligible Measures and Incentive Rates

Measure Name

Measure Application

Incentive Rate

Water Cooled Chiller

Centrifugal w/ Conventional Variable Speed Drive


Water Cooled Chiller

Variable Speed Screw


Variable Speed Drive for a Central Plant System

Condenser Water Pump


Air Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Constant Speed Screw Chiller


Cogged V-Belt for HVAC Fan

Fan Motor



Whole Building

LADWP ZBD Whole Building Image


A building is composed of many systems working together to serve its occupants. By viewing building performance as a whole, builders explore systems integration and connectivity to develop innovative and effective efficiency solutions which help reduce operating costs and increase occupant comfort. LADWP Zero By Design’s Whole Building Performance path rewards developments which exceed Title 24 requirements by more than 10%.

Incentive Categories and Levels



End Use* Minimum Incentive
End Use* Minimum Incentive
Lighting $0.25 Lighting $0.30
HVAC – Cooling $0.60 HVAC – Cooling $0.50
HVAC – Heating $0.30 HVAC – Heating $0.15
HVAC – Heating 
(all electric)
$0.65 HVAC – Heating 
(all electric)
HVAC – Ventilation $0.25 HVAC – Ventilation $0.35
Appliance, Plug & Process $0.30 Appliance, Plug & Process $0.30
Domestic Hot Water $0.15 Domestic Hot Water $0.15
Domestic Hot Water 
(all electric)
$0.65 Domestic Hot Water 
(all electric)
Building Envelope $0.25 Building Envelope $0.25
Lighting $0.25 Lighting $0.30
HVAC – Cooling $0.60 HVAC – Cooling $0.50
*Any End Use categories indicating negative energy efficiency savings and incentives will be deducted from the project’s total efficiency saving and incentive amount. This does not pertain to building electrification measures.

Design Team

LADWP ZBD Design Team Image

To reward Design Teams for setting and achieving aggressive energy savings targets, LADWP Zero By Design also provides incentives to Design Teams. In order to qualify, Design Teams must submit an approved energy model to participate.

In addition to the energy model, the Design Team Leader must submit a completed and signed Design Team application along with the completed and signed Owner’s application. The energy model must be completed using open-source energy modeling software, including but not limited to EnergyPro, CBECC-COM, IESVE. The energy model must be accurate, reflective of the proposed building and detail and list the proposed equipment and schedules.

Incentives Paid to the Design Team Leader


Entry Level 
(% Better than T24)
Incentive Maximum Incentive 
Per Project
Design Team Incentive 10% 1/3 of Owner 
Incentives 1

1 30% of Design Team Incentive is payable upon review and approval of the pre-construction energy model

How to Apply

Customers may submit an application via email or by mail.

Prior to completing the application documents, make certain to review the Terms and Conditions and participation requirements to determine if you qualify.

All projects require LADWP approval prior to the start of construction or installation of any new equipment. You must submit an application package to reserve funds.

Projects not completed within 48 months of LADWP approval may be cancelled and reserved funds returned to the program fund.

The LADWP Zero By Design application package includes:

  • Fully completed and signed LADWP Zero By Design application (Part A), LADWP ZBD supplemental forms and Authorization Form (if applicable) 
  • If applying for LADWP ZBD Express:

    • Completed and signed LADWP ZBD Express application (Part B) ­
    • Schematic drawings and/or manufacturer’s specification sheets for all proposed equipment


  • If applying under LADWP ZBD Whole Building Performance:

    • Completed and signed LADWP ZBD Whole Building Performance application (Part C) and Design Team application (Part D), if applicable ­
    • Completed energy model and, if applicable, energy savings calculations ­
    • Project plans, schedules and blueprints (Please refer to the Project Drawing Set and Materials Information checklist)


  • Completed LADWP ZBD Workbook (Excel document)

    • Workbook Guides - Express    Whole Building


  • Submit all required forms via email to [email protected] or mail to: 

    Attn: LADWP Zero By Design Program 
    111 N. Hope Street, JFB Room 1057 
    Los Angeles, CA 90012


This program shall at all times be subject to change or termination without notice.


By applying for an LADWP rebate and/or program, personal information provided may be subject to public disclosure by requesting parties, pursuant to the California Public Records Act.