Environmental Impact Assessments are required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The CEQA is intended to inform government decisionmakers and the public about the potential environmental effects of proposed activities and to prevent significant, avoidable environmental damage. This provides the public and government agencies with an opportunity to comment and potentially challenge proposed developments. 

An Environmental Impact Assessment is required when a project does not qualify for an exemption. Exemptions are defined by state codes and are codified into law to allow specific projects to move forward without review – i.e., minor developments.

Environmental Impact Assessments for utility service requests are generally performed by a consulting firm hired by the developer at the developer’s cost.

The CEQA requires a section on utilities in Environmental Impact Assessments. LADWP receives requests for this information when projects fall within LADWP’s service territory.

Please submit your LADWP utility request regarding Environmental Impact Assessment to [email protected].

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