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Real Estate

The Real Estate Section (RES) provides real estate services to the Water, Power, and Joint Systems. Those services include: acquisition of fee property, acquisition of easements, sale of excess properties, rental of office space, and managing property.

Excess Property Sales

From time to time, the LADWP will have excess property available for sale. Please check back here every few months. To put your name on our interest list, please email us.

NEW - Accepting Appointments

LADWP Encroachment group is now accepting appointments for encroachment general inquiries and counter clearance review through BuildLA Appointment System. Walk in appointments are accepted based on availability at the office listed below.

Who We Are

LADWP Encroachment group is the first step to begin the encroachment clearance process. Any construction within 10’ feet of an LADWP’s easement, in LADWP’s easement or within 15’ feet of LADWP’s pole line will need a LADWP encroachment clearance. Customers can choose from the options below when applying for an LADWP encroachment clearance:

  1. Permission to Construct/Install
  2. Permission to Construct or Convert ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)
  3. Abandon and/or Quitclaim
  4. Relocation of LADWP Property (ex. Power Pole, Wires, Water Lines)

How to apply for an Encroachment Permit

Customers may submit an application by mail.

For any further encroachment questions contact the Real Estate Encroachment Section via email at [email protected] or by calling (213) 367-0562, calls are answered from 8am to 10am daily.



Download, print and complete the PDF application.

Once complete, mail application to:

Real Estate Services
221 N. Figueroa Street, Suit 1600
Los Angeles, CA 90021


    A:  Please see the How to Get Started tab on the Secondary Land Use page you are interested in. Print the Application for Secondary Land Use and Acknowledgement and the Willingness to Comply with Appropriate Guidelines forms. Completely fill out, sign, and send both documents to:

    Real Estate Services
    221 N. Figueoroa Street, Suite 1600
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    A:  Please see the How to Get Started tab in the Secondary Land Use you are interested in and view the Secondary Land Use Process Flow Chart.

    A:  For each request, its fair market rent is determined on a case-by-case basis.

    A:  The amount of the minimum bid is not negotiable.

    A:  Please see the License/Lease Opportunities section in Secondary Land Use. Opportunities are not always available so please check back from time to time. You may also call us at (213) 367-0564 or email us.

    A:  Submit your request/proposal. Depending on the proposed secondary land use and the existing secondary land use, both may be able to co-exist. If not, the property may become available at the termination of the existing license/lease agreement.

    A:  No

    A:  LADWP real properties may be licensed and/or leased for nursery purposes, landscaping purposes, construction staging, trucking operations, vehicle parking, recreational vehicles parking, telecommunications, and/or any other use that the LADWP determines to be compatible and acceptable under its secondary land use program.

    A:  Submit your request/proposal. It will be evaluated by the appropriate operating group(s) on a case-by-case basis.

    Real Estate Services

    • 221 N. Figueroa Street
      Suite 1600
      Los Angeles CA 90012