Project Background

Foothill Trunk Line is a large pipeline used to transport water to the Sunland/Tujunga area of the City of Los Angeles. LADWP will replace a 3-mile section of the pipeline, referred to as Foothill Trunk Line Unit 3, which was originally built in the 1930s. The existing pipeline, ranging in diameter from 24 to 36 inches, will be replaced with a new, 54-inch diameter pipeline.    

This project is an important water infrastructure investment that will ensure delivery of high quality water to the local community. To provide greater earthquake resilience, the new Foothill Trunk Line pipe will be a combination of steel pipe and earthquake resistant ductile iron pipe:    

Specifically, this project will net two major water system enhancements:

  • Increased water capacity: Upsizing to a 54-inch diameter pipe provides substantial water flow, improved water quality, and will more than accommodate future demands.
  • Improved system flexibility and reliability: Replacing smaller, aging steel pipe with a larger welded steel pipe and an earthquake resistant ductile iron pipe strengthens system flexibility and reliability.

Project Scope

The Foothill Trunk Line Unit 3 Project consists of installing approximately 16,600 feet of 54-inch diameter welded steel pipe and earthquake resistant ductile iron pipe. This 3-mile construction route begins on Terra Bella Street in Pacoima and continues northwest on Foothill Boulevard to Hubbard Street in Sylmar.  

Pipeline construction will be divided into 19 distinct Work Areas. Each Work Area is approximately 700-1,200 feet in length and will range between 4 and 10 months of construction at each location. Construction methods include open trench and tunneling.  

  • The open trench construction is approximately 13,000 feet long, beginning at the intersection of Terra Bella Street and Foothill Boulevard and continuing North to Hubbard Street.
  • The tunneling section is approximately 3,430 feet long and includes the Pacoima Wash, and five intersections along Foothill Boulevard at Hubbard Street, Maclay Street, Arroyo Street, Paxton Street, and Van Nuys Boulevard.

To minimize impacts to the community, a new 12-inch diameter water distribution mainline will be simultaneously installed alongside the trunk line. Trunk lines provide transmission capacity to move large amounts of water around the city – from reservoirs and tanks – to the smaller distribution mainlines that service local communities.  

Traffic and Access

Construction will require temporary lane reductions and restrictions to street parking near the work area.  

For work areas involving underground tunneling, there will be access pits on both sides of the intersection to accommodate the crew and materials. This will also allow continuous flow of cross traffic.  

Access to all local businesses and residences will be maintained.

Construction Information

Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; some Saturday work may be required.  
Estimated project duration January 2016 to 2026.


Status Work Area and Time Frame
Completed Work Areas WA 2, WA 3, WA 4, WA 8, WA 10, WA 11, WA 13, WA 14, WA 16, WA 17, and   WA 18
Current Work Area   N/A
Upcoming Work Areas WA 19  - September 2023 to April 2024
Future Work Areas WA1, WA 5, WA7, WA9 WA12 & WA15 (Schedule To Be Determined)


Environmental Documentation

Notice of Preparation (NOP) 
The 30-day public comment period for the NOP commenced on January 17, 2013. On February 13, 2013, LADWP held a public scoping meeting. Comments received during the public scoping period were considered during the preparation of the Draft EIR.

Environmental Impact Report (EIR) 
The Draft EIR was completed in Spring 2014. The Final EIR includes all comments received on the Draft EIR along with the Response to Comments. The Final EIR was approved by the Board of Water and Power Commissioners on June 26, 2014. Go to all environmental documents for this project


Dates   Milestones
February 2013 Scoping Meeting
January 2013 Notice of Preparation of an EIR
March 2014 Draft EIR circulated for Public Review
April 2014 Public Meeting & Neighborhood Council Meeting
June 2014  Final EIR released for Public Review
July 2014 Board Certification of Project and Approval of the Foothill Trunk Line Unit 3 Project


Contact Information

Nathan Sheagley
Project Manager
(213) 367-3776
[email protected]

Economic Development
(800) 864-4409

Christina Holland
Community Liaison
(213) 367-1076
[email protected]

Danny Arriaga
Assistant Superintendent
(213) 216-7352
[email protected]