The Silver Lake Reservoir Complex (SLRC) Bypass Project is part of LADWP’s compliance efforts to address updated State and Federal drinking water quality regulations, which require the LADWP to cover treated water stored in its open reservoirs. As an alternative, the LADWP agreed to remove Silver Lake and Ivanhoe Reservoirs from service and build the Headworks Reservoir, also known as the SLRC Storage Replacement Project, currently under construction, and the needed bypass pipeline, also known as the SLRC Bypass Project.

The SLRC Bypass Project is part of the SLRC Storage Replacement Project, also known as Headworks Reservoir. This replaced the water storage provided by the Ivanhoe and Silver Lake Reservoirs and makes possible the preservation of these two bodies of water. With the Silver Lake and Ivanhoe Reservoirs now bypassed by the water distribution system, they are no longer be used as sources of drinking water; rather, they will be maintained as non-potable water bodies for the continued benefit of the community.

Project Background

The SLRC Bypass Project consists of approximately 4,600 linear feet of 66-inch diameter welded steel pipe, a regulator station, and a pressure relief station. The project, as originally proposed in the Environmental Impact Report for the SLRC Storage Replacement Project, was to have consisted of a large underground tunnel beneath West Silver Lake Drive. In an effort to minimize the construction impacts on the Silver Lake community, the LADWP is pursuing an in-reservoir approach which consists of open trench construction along a portion of West Silver Lake Drive and along the bottom of Silver Lake Reservoir.

Current Status

Project Progress Date Status
Ivanhoe Reservoir Shade Ball Removal April 2017 Completed
Silver Lake Refill April 2017 - June 2017 Completed
Ivanhoe Reservoir Isolation Work (Rowena Complex) Summer 2017 Completed

Next Steps

With the construction completed, and the reservoirs being refilled, next steps for the property include:

  • Access to the Silver Lake South Dam
  • Open the pathway close to Ivanhoe Reservoir

Development of a Future Master Plan by City of L.A. Bureau of Engineering

Silver Lake South Dam Pathway

Ivanhoe Pathway


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Updated February 9, 2018