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Project Description

This mainline replacement project will install 12,800 feet of new mainline pipe along several streets in an area of North Hollywood near the intersection of Otsego Street and Klump Avenue. The existing pipes were installed between 1925 and 1927 and are near the end of their service life. The new pipe is 6-inch ductile iron pipe that is more durable and resilient than the cast-iron pipe currently in place. The project is part of LADWP’s overall plan to replace aging water infrastructure.

This project is considered a priority because of susceptibility to leaks. The new pipe will provide improved water system reliability as well as enhanced fire protection.

Project Schedule

Work will be done on Otsego, Klump, Fair Ave., Bakman Ave., Morrison St., Huston St., Peach Grove St. and La Maida St. Work is scheduled to begin in mid-December 2019 and continue until March 2021.

Work hours are scheduled for 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday; some Saturday work may be necessary. No evening work is scheduled at this time.

Some lane closures are expected and some street parking may be restricted.

Work will be done in segments of roughly 200 feet each to minimize traffic impact. Each segment will take approximately one week to complete. Trenches will be covered with steel plates at the end of each work day and traffic will return to normal.

LADWP is committed to completing this project as safely and as quickly as possible.


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