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LADWP is committed to providing a reliable, resilient and sustainable water supply for Los Angeles. Through local water initiatives like Operation NEXT, recycled water, stormwater capture, groundwater remediation and water conservation, LADWP is reducing dependence on imported purchased water and ensuring that our future water supply is strong for generations to come.

Operation NEXT

Operation NEXT will address the need for a resilient and independent water source for Los Angeles, helping to reach our long-term sustainability goals. A regional effort, Operation NEXT will create a new supplemental water source by maximizing local production of purified recycled water from the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant.

Water Conservation

Water conservation has been a way of life for Los Angeles for many decades. LADWP encourages conservation through generous rebates and incentives for water-saving programs and devices, along with solid water conservation policies.

Stormwater Capture

Expanding our capacity for capturing stormwater runoff and recharging groundwater basins is a key local supply strategy for ensuring the city remains “Water Strong.”


Cleaning up the San Fernando Groundwater Basin is a key component to the city's long-term local water strategy.

Recycled Water

Recycled water is wastewater from homes and businesses that has been highly treated and is safely used for irrigation, environmental beneficial reuse, and many industrial processes. As a next step, we are working with L.A. City and regional partners on replenishing groundwater with purified recycled water.

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