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Garber St. View Plus 10 Yrs.

Project Description

The Garber Street Recycled Water Tank Project will improve overall capacity and reliability of recycled water in the San Fernando Valley by providing 1 million gallons of recycled water storage. This final step will complete the existing recycled water system that has been serving non-potable reuse customers – like the Hansen Dam Golf Course - since 2015. Upon completion of this project, system capacity will be increased to 5,600 gallons per minute (gpm).

An integral part of the City’s drought response is the use of recycled water to improve the overall capacity and reliability of the City’s water supplies. In accordance with the Mayor’s goals for sustainability, using recycled water for the irrigation needs of our larger customers directly offsets the need to use drinking water for non-potable use and advances the objectives of our Urban Water Management Plan, Mayoral Executive Directive No. 5, and the Mayor’s Sustainability pLAn.

With the Garber Street Tank, the recycled water system in this area will be more energy-efficient. The new tank will be able to sustain system demand during low flow periods (50 to 200 gpm), allowing the current 24/7 pumping operation to be reduced to an overnight schedule.

Once installed, the new Garber Street Tank will increase recycled water storage for commercial, industrial and irrigation uses serving the following customers:

  • Hansen Dam Golf Course, owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks
  • Fill stations for water trucks at Glenoaks Boulevard, to be used by the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and independent contractors.

Project Scope              

Recycled Water Tank

LADWP proposes to install a 1-million gallon, cylindrical, recycled water storage tank, constructed of welded steel and measuring 50 feet high and 66 feet in diameter. Welded steel was chosen over bolted steel after reviewing research that showed the material performed better during the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. All welded steel tanks in LADWP’s service area survived the earthquake and remain stable to this day.

Further, a geotechnical report and slope stability analysis was prepared by Kleinfelder (licensed professional geotechnical engineers/geologists) and ultimately reviewed and approved by LADWP licensed professional engineers, independent geologists, and the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (licensed professional geotechnical engineers/geologists). To accommodate a safe and secure placement of the tank and its foundation, the undeveloped hill at the end of the Garber Street cul-de-sac will be leveled on the downward slope facing Whiteman airport and an access road will be paved. The grading plan is currently under review by both LA City Building and Safety and LA County Building and Safety.

The outside of the tank will be painted in accordance with the 2015 FAA Advisory Circular for Obstruction Marking and Lighting. The tank color will be neutral on the side of the tank facing residences – approximately 20 feet will be exposed above the existing Garber Street grade - and orange and white checkerboard on the side facing the airport to comply with obstruction marking and lighting requirements in support of aviation safety. This brings an added measure of safety to an area that currently does not have aviation specific lighting.


To connect the tank with the existing Hansen Dam pumping station, 8,400 feet of 20-inch pipeline will be installed, a quarter of which will be on Hansen Dam property. The connection to the existing recycled water distribution system will be near the west meter located inside Hansen Dam Golf Course.

Additionally, the existing 4-inch potable water distribution pipeline will be upgraded to an 8-inch pipeline at Garber Street. This upgrade will occur in tandem with the recycled water pipeline installation to minimize the impact to the residents.

Environmental Documentation

The 30-day comment period for this project is from August 15, 2018 through September 24, 2018. The Mitigated Negative Declaration for this proposed project is available at and at the following locations:

111 North Hope Street,             
Room 1044             
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Los Angeles Central Library             
630 West 5th Street,             
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Pacoima City Hall             
13520 Van Nuys Boulevard,             
Suite 209 Pacoima, CA 91331
Pacoima Branch Library             
13605 Van Nuys Boulevard             
Pacoima, CA 91331

Project Schedule

Recycled Water Distribution Pipe Installation: November 2018 – September 2019
Tank Construction: March 2019 – February 2021
Garber Street Recycled Water Tank Project map


Project Manager    
Alis Pruett    
[email protected]

Associate Project Manager:    
Jean Prendergast    
[email protected]

Community Liaison:    
Christina Holland    
[email protected]