LADWP has developed a Wildfire Mitigation Plan (Plan) in accordance with California State Law, as amended by Senate Bill 901 (Dodd) and Assembly Bill 1054 (Holden). This Plan describes the steps that LADWP is taking to mitigate the threat of wildfires caused by electrical lines and equipment. On an annual basis, this Plan is reviewed, updated as needed, and presented to the LADWP Board of Water and Power Commissioners. The Plan complies with the requirements of Public Utilities Code (PUC) Section 8387 for publicly owned electric utilities.

The key objectives of LADWP’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan are listed below:

  • Ensure Public Safety 
  • Minimize Wildfire Risks
  • Increase Collaboration with Local Fire Agencies
  • Meet and Exceed California State Law

LADWP’s Wildfire Mitigation Plan can be found in the links below.


View Previous Wildfire Mitigation Plans


Independent Evaluation

As required by PUC Section 8387, LADWP has contracted with a qualified independent evaluator with experience assessing the safe operation of electrical infrastructure. The latest qualified independent evaluator’s report can be found in the link below:


View Previous Independent Evaluator Report