Welcome to the LADWP’s California Friendly® Demonstration Garden at the John Ferraro Building (JFB)!

The plants located on both sides of the California Friendly demonstration garden are native plants or California Friendly plants that thrive in our local climates. These low-water use plants can tolerate hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. They offer a variety of texture and color that exceeds the common misconception that a low-water use garden is exclusively comprised of succulents.


Mediterranean Style Garden

The Mediterranean Style Garden (north side of the JFB California Friendly Demonstration Garden) incorporates a colorful, abundant diversity of plants from Mediterranean climates much like our own. Only four areas in the world share our climate: Southwestern Australia, Central Chile, the Western Cape of South Africa, and the Mediterranean Basin.

Homestead Purple flower
Sticky Monkey flower

Southwest Style Garden

The Southwest Style Garden (south side of the JFB California Friendly Demonstration Garden) incorporates succulents that are well adapted to high levels of aridity and have low water requirements. They are accompanied by colorful flowering shrubs and perennials.

Rock Purslane flower
Margarita Bop flower

California Friendly Plants: Beneficial Beauty

Creating a residential garden filled with California Friendly plants benefits residents and our communities through:

  • Reduced water use
  • Lower water bills
  • Attractive plants with less maintenance
  • Reintroduction of native species
  • More wildlife habitat
  • Less plant disease and more pest resistance
  • Deeper roots help to stabilize slopes
  • More groundwater recharge
  • Less polluted runoff flowing to the ocean .


As with any project, it is important to research and plan each step in your garden project. Remember to have fun with the creative process and follow our DIG IN recommendations.

Design Icon Image
Design Your Garden
Watering Pot Icon Image
Install an irrigation system
Potted Plant Icon Image
Gather appropriate plants
Hand Shovel Icon Image
INcorporate a maintenance plan

DIG IN to your garden, DIG IN to rebates and resources, DIG IN to water conservation!

Additional Resources

FREE Residential Landscape Workshops

LADWP customers can learn how to make their garden California Friendly and become more waterwise gardeners.

California Friendly Landscape Training Flyer

JFB Scavenger Hunt

Students can take a field trip to our JFB demonstration garden and see firsthand what low-water use plants look like. This interactive activity helps students identify low-water use and California Friendly plants that thrive in our local climate.

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