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Protect the environment:

  • As an EV owner, you will be doing your part to serve and improve the health of your community by reducing pollution and greenhouse gases.
  • EVs reduce harmful emissions, a major cause of climate change and health conditions like asthma, heart disease and lung disease.

Invest smart and save money:

  • EVs provide significant fuel savings compared to conventional vehicles, especially when charged at night or over the weekend with the right rate plan.
  • It costs about half as much to charge an EV compared to a gas fueled vehicle, and many L.A. public charging stations are free to use.
  • EVs have lower operating costs, especially battery electric vehicles, which do not require oil changes or exhaust system maintenance.
  • There are many local, state and federal incentives to help you go EV, including LADWP’s “Charge Up LA!” EV rebate program.

Experience convenience:

  • EVs can be fueled almost anywhere a power outlet is available. You can charge at home, at your workplace or at the many public charging stations located across Los Angeles.
  • Save time to get to where you need to go. Battery electric vehicle owners don’t worry about trips to the gas station or oil changes.
  • Got a long trip planned? Plug-in hybrid owners have flexibility to utilize electricity or gas.
  • There are new and used EVs for every kind of Angeleno. From sedans to SUVs, and from plug-in hybrid to battery electric vehicles, you can find an EV that suits your lifestyle.

Access the latest technology:

  • Many electric vehicles now have ranges of up to 200–300 miles per charge.
  • EVs provide a quiet, smooth ride – a driving oasis while you’re bumper to bumper.
  • EVs are packed with communication features that provide greater control on your drive.

EV Mythbusters!

Image of four people on a computer screen,

Watch LADWP and the L.A. Chargers debunk common EV myths.