LADWP has instituted a Contractor Performance Evaluation Program (CPEP) in an effort to ensure that contractual terms on Contracts and Purchase Orders are adhered to by all contractors. The program encompasses contractor performance evaluations, performance monitoring and reporting that are relied upon in future award determinations and the debarment of “non-responsible” contractors. In adherence with the City of Los Angeles Administrative Code Division 10, Chapter 1, Article 13, Section 10.39, the Board of Water and Power Commissioners adopted the Contractor Performance Evaluation Program on December 6, 2016.


The purpose of the CPEP is to establish a database on the contractor’s prior performance on City contracts that is available to LADWP staff. LADWP will evaluate and record a contractor’s ability to complete the term of an existing contract/purchase order, as well as the contractor’s suitability to perform future work for the Department.

Contractors are required to meet reasonable performance standards such as, but not limited to:

  • Timely shipment and delivery of goods
  • Completeness of delivered goods
  • Quality of delivered goods
  • Performance of services
  • Quality of performed services
  • Safety compliance
  • Responsiveness to correct deficiencies
  • Accuracy of billing
  • Conformance to the terms and conditions of the contract

If these performance standards are not met, LADWP as the awarding authority may, consistent with the terms of the contract, terminate the contract and may also recommend debarring a contractor for a period of up to five years.

LADWP Contractor Performance Evaluation Program Document (updated March 2019)