Efficiency Solutions

LADWP’s partnership with La Kretz Innovation Campus (LKIC) offers a dynamic space for interactive pilot programs and labs, where Angelenos can learn about ESE’s initiatives and engineers test and discover new applications for clean technologies to further the City’s and LADWP’s clean energy goals.

Engagement and Research Labs

    The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) La Kretz Innovation Campus is a space where science, entrepreneurship, environmentalism, and policymaking merge to advance the development of a sustainable future that includes clean and abundant water supplies, a commitment to 100% renewable energy, and an inclusive green economy. It is also a showcase for labs, working exhibits, and educational opportunities for customers, students, and visitors alike, offering ways to save money, conserve water and electricity, and learn valuable information on rebates available to all LADWP customers.

    Join us for a scheduled walking tour of the LKIC (appointment required) or take a self-guided virtual tour online.

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    Efficiency Solutions Engineering Team

    Located at the La Kretz Innovation Campus (LKIC) with the LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI), the LADWP Efficiency Solutions Engineering (ESE) team operates a power savings portfolio comprised of energy efficiency programs and manages state-of-the-art laboratories, including the Lighting Laboratory and Water Conservation Laboratory, to research and support resource programs that promote the value of energy-saving technologies. ESE plays a key role in helping achieve City of Los Angeles and LADWP goals to create a clean energy future for Los Angeles and expand local water supplies.

    As a result of ESE’s work, the California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA), under its Resource Efficiency and Community Awards Program, awarded LADWP the Community Service Programs category in 2021 for a large utility titled “La Kretz Innovation Campus (LIKC) — a path to a sustainable future”. The CMUA award recognized the City’s commitment and investment to help foster the development of sustainable emerging technologies by supporting cleantech startups and their respective community. For more, click here.

    Emerging Issues

    Increasing Energy Efficiency

    In order to help the City of Los Angeles reach its 100% clean energy goals, ESE is working to provide leading solutions on potential energy savings from current and future energy efficiency measures to help LADWP deploy effective energy efficiency strategies and programs. As part of the ESE’s analysis, they will lead a Potential Study, an important tool in forecasting potential energy efficiency savings as well as aid power system planning, and that is used for reporting to the CEC in accordance with California State Assembly Bill 2021.

    Potential Studies

    The potential study process begins with developing updated avoided costs. ESE works with Power System staff to provide the energy efficiency inputs and related resource plan efforts (i.e., Integrated Resource Planning [IRP] and Strategic Long-Term Resource Plan [SLTRP]) to obtain yearly avoided cost for fuel as well as Gross and Net Load profiles over a 30-year time frame for the bulk power system. In addition to the IRP and SLTRP, ESE reaches out to Transmission and Distribution planning groups to determine the projected peak time frame for each system. These load profiles, fuel avoided costs, and projected system peaks are uploaded into our avoided costs development workbook which outputs an aggregate avoided cost profile.

    Evaluation Measurement & Verification (EM&V)

    ESE acknowledges the importance of providing effective and unbiased data sets and insights. The EM&V process helps achieve this by assessing the performance of an energy efficiency program or projects, to measure the energy or demand savings, and to determine if the program is generating the expected level of savings and as a result, provides useful recommendations and feedback to improve LADWP program operations and an increased level of confidence in conservation program results.

    Relevant Codes and Standards

    ESE strives to ensure the sustainability and reliability of the water and electric services provided by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to the City of Los Angeles through the efficient use of regulatory and scientific resources to meet the State and city-wide efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction goals.

    Codes, Standards & Ordinances (CSO) Program

    In an effort to support the development and implementation of local energy and water efficiency ordinances, ESE fosters advocacy through the Codes, Standards & Ordinances (CSO) Program, which conducts activities to improve energy and water efficiency of buildings, appliances, and to promote conservation. These activities include monitoring and active participation in code and standard development, legislative review, compliance improvement, sponsorship of local ordinances, and participation in policy efforts with other City departments, state agencies, and utilities with the goal of promoting sustainability with regard to water and energy use.


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