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LADWP has partnered for many years with Wildwoods by sponsoring the on-campus presentations of “A Drop in the Bucket” that include students building replicas of the Los Angeles Aqueduct and the California Aqueduct. Important information about the water supply as well as water conservation and energy efficiency are covered in these presentations. The program is also presented at community events including science education festivals.

Starting in Spring 2020, Wildwoods updated its program to a virtual format which included live streaming presentations of “A Drop in the Bucket.” As part of their efforts to make their resources more available to teachers and students working from home, Wildwoods also added to their website two videos and two interactive games on water conservation and energy efficiency.

Wildwoods interactive games

In 2021-22, Wildwoods is prepared to present “A Drop in the Bucket” as live in-school presentations, pending
school health safety requirements, as well as in virtual format depending on the request from schools.

To view the Wildwoods website and to sign-up for “A Drop in the Bucket” please click here.

Videos on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Crosscutting Concepts

Wildwoods has produced seven videos explaining the important cross-cutting concepts in NGSS and showing how
they apply to LADWP services and occupations.

To access these videos please click the images below:


Cause & Effect

Structure & Function

Stability & Change

Energy & Matter

Scale, Proportion & Quantity

Systems & Systems Models