Distribution mainline pipes are the backbone of LADWP’s water distribution system. There are approximately 6,794 miles of mainline pipe, of which about 30 percent are over 80 years old. With a focus on infrastructure improvement programs, LADWP will continue to provide customers with a reliable source of water by upgrading major system components that are old, or located in seismic areas.

The Corbin Avenue Mainline Replacement Project is an important part of LADWP’s plan to replace aging infrastructure, in alliance with LADWP’s Water Infrastructure Plan to promote long-term efficient operation and lower the risk of disruptions due to pipeline failures.

Project Description

The project will replace 2,355 feet of existing 4-, 6-, and 8-inch water mainline pipes with new ductile iron pipe of the same size. The pipes scheduled for replacement vary in age from 62 to 96-years old. The affected streets are Corbin Avenue, Jumilla Avenue, Quartz Avenue, and Welby Way.

The project is expected to begin in Summer 2023 and will continue for approximately 4 months. LADWP crews will use a rolling construction method which limits construction work areas to 300- foot sections to minimize the traffic impact on the community.

Construction Information

Construction hours are:
9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Mon. – Fri. Occasional Saturday work may occur between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

At the end of each work shift, trenches will be covered with steel plates to maintain driveway access until the next work shift begins.

LADWP will provide a 48-hour advance notice when temporary service interruptions are needed to make water mainline connections. Other than the connection work, service interruptions throughout the project are not expected.

Traffic Information

For the safety of the construction crew and the community, there will be temporary street or traffic lane closures and a secure work area established during construction hours.

Primarily, two southbound lanes on Corbin Avenue will be closed, but southbound traffic will be routed through one lane. Northbound traffic should be largely unaffected throughout most of the installation. Jumilla Avenue, Quartz Avenue and Welby Way are subject to temporary street closures as well, yet crews will work with the community to allow local and driveway access at all times.

Temporary tow-away/no-parking signs will be posted as needed.

Project Schedule

Summer 2023 – Fall 2023


West San Fernando Valley


Construction Superintendent
Jaime Castrellon 
[email protected]

Community Liaison
Christina Holland
[email protected]