Construction Progress 

LADWP began construction of the Metropolitan Water District Los Angeles-29 Connection Modification Project (MWD LA-29) in May 2010 at Sunset Bouelvard and Beloit Avenue. The existing MWD LA-29 Connection was upgraded from a 42-inch diameter pipe to a 60-inch diameter pipe in September 2010. From October 2010 to January 2011, 2,230 feet of the total 2,300 feet of 36-inch diameter steel pipe was installed on Belloit Avenue

The remaining 70 feet of 36-inch diameter steel pipe was installed during the third and final water system shutdown at Beloit Avenue and Farlin Street. The final shutdown was coordinated with the Santa Ynez Water Quality Improvement Project and completed pipeline construction.

This project was completed on July 26, 2011.

Project Description

The MWD LA-29 included removal of 234 feet of existing 42-inch diameter welded steel pipe in Church Lane from Sunset Boulevard to north of Kiel Street and replacing it with 60-inch diameter welded steel pipe. The MWD LA-29 also included installation of 2,300 feet of 36-inch diameter welded-steel pipe in Church Lane, across LADWP property, and along Beloit Avenue from north of Kiel Street to Farlin Street. The new water line on Beloit Avenue connects to an existing 37-inch diameter pipeline at Beloit Avenue and Farlin Street.

The pipeline on Beloit Avenue was installed in segments using conventional trenching methods. 

Purpose of Project

This potable water project was to upgrade the existing Metropolitan Water District connection from a 42-inch to a 60-inch diameter pipeline and will improve the reliability of the LADWP distribution system. This project also provided operational flexibility and assistance with future water quality improvement projects.

LADWP Contact Information

For additional information regarding this project, please contact Mr. Juan Izaguirre, Resident Engineer, at (323) 302-9116.

Updated April 26, 2012