Project Description

Van Ness at 3rd MAP

A regulator station is a fundamental asset in LA’s water infrastructure. It reduces high water pressure to manageable levels, ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of clean tap water to the community.

Built in 1955 and located in an underground vault beneath the west sidewalk on Van Ness Avenue, north of 3rd Street, this regulator station consists of 6 large valves and an approximately 100-foot network of 16- and 24-inch diameter steel pipe. Four out of the six 16-inch valves will be replaced and all of the steel pipe network around it will be replaced.

This project will include a 9-foot deep excavation work area that includes the open vault, requiring a portion of the road and about 70 feet of the west sidewalk on Van Ness to be closed. Prior to the project commencing, a small section of an existing 6-inch diameter main running on Van Ness will need to be relocated to make room for installation of the new pipes.

Once the project is complete, the vault ventilation pipe above ground will be replaced with low-profile vent pipe that will be less noticeable than the previous one.

Construction Schedule

Late August 2018 – November 2018 
Construction will take place Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with an occasional Saturday.

Construction Details

  • Traffic will be redirected around the work area.
  • Pedestrians on the sidewalk along Van Ness and 3rd may be rerouted around the work area.
  • Access to residential driveways along Van Ness will be maintained.
  • Street parking near the work area will be restricted.
  • Water service will not be affected by this construction, unless unforeseen circumstances occur, except for a brief interruption at the start of the project when a water main line needs to be shifted. Affected residents will be notified in advance.

Contact Us

Construction Manager:
Dane Saunders
(213) 792-4808
[email protected]

Project Engineer:
Bruk Moges
(818) 771-6282
[email protected]

Community Liaison:
Michael Ventre
(213) 367-1381
[email protected]