Upcoming Work

The Garvanza Pump Station built in 1909 is an aging water facility located in Highland Park. LADWP plans to upgrade and replace the facility in the future.

As part of the planning of the future replacement project, LADWP must complete short-term preliminary work. This includes drilling, soil investigations, and installing two monitoring wells. The preliminary planning work will take place at the existing pump station facility, 420 North Avenue 62, 90042 in Highland Park, beginning on September 25, 2023 and last approximately 15 days.

The work is scheduled from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday with possible work occurring on Saturday, September 30.

Future Project Planned

The future Garvanza Pump Station Replacement Project (Garvanza PS), which is expected to begin construction in 2027, will:

  • Increase the reliability and flexibility of LADWP’s water system;
  • Demolish and replace Garvanza PS;
  • Install 1,550 linear feet of new pipe;
  • Upgrade Highland Reservoir Regulator Station;
  • Mitigate severe structure deficiencies, and;
  • Increase pumping capacity.

Upcoming Preparation Work Schedule

September 25, – October 9, 2023


Highland Park


Project Manager
Eric Kim 
[email protected]

Community Liaison
Jessica Johnson
[email protected]