Project Background 

The Hazeltine Mainline Extension Project is an important part of LADWP’s plan to accelerate the pace of replacing aging infrastructure. The existing pipeline was installed between 1926 and 1947 and is near the end of its service life. As a result, LADWP has prioritized replacement of this section of pipe due to its predisposition to leaks and susceptibility to earthquakes. 

Customers will benefit from the new mainline pipe with enhanced fire protection, seismic resiliency and improved water system reliability and flexibility

Project Description 

The existing mainline pipe is over 70 years old and will be replaced with an eight-inch earthquake resistant pipe which was chosen to strategically update the infrastructure in the area. 

This modern technology provides pipe flexibility and strength to help resist ruptures due to ground motion. The project also helps build L.A.’s Seismic Resilient Pipe Network, a network of seismic resistant pipes to provide safe and reliable drinking water and meet LADWP’s resiliency goals. 

This new pipeline will also feed a future LADWP facility that will support water system operations throughout the San Fernando Valley. 

Construction Information 

LADWP crews will replace a 3,000-foot section of water main pipeline along Hazeltine Ave. For the safety of the crew and the community, construction will require temporary lane reductions and some intersection closures along Hazeltine. 

To minimize impacts to the community, crews will work in segments that will be covered with steel plates at the end of each work shift. Additionally, construction at the intersection of Sherman Way and Hazeltine Avenue will be conducted when Hazeltine Elementary students are not present to lessen the impact to the surrounding neighbors. 

LADWP will give a 48-hour notice when temporary service interruptions are needed to make water main connections. Other than this connection work, service interruptions are expected to be minimal. 

Temporary tow-away/no parking signs will be posted as needed. Access to businesses and the surrounding neighborhood will be maintained throughout construction. 

Upon project completion, the work area will be paved.

Project Schedule 

February 2020 – June 2020


East San Fernando Valley


Project Manager
Martin Lam
[email protected]

Community Liaison
Christina Holland
[email protected]