Project Description

The City Trunk Line South Unit 6 (CTLS 6) project will install a reinforced lining inside 1,500 linear feet of existing trunk line and replace 500 linear feet of riveted steel pipe with welded steel pipe. The lining is a trenchless technology, which significantly reduces the construction impacts to the community by minimizing or eliminating the need for excavation. Trunk lines are large pipelines that transport large amounts of water throughout the LADWP system. The existing trunk line was installed in 1914 and has experienced several leaks and breaks in recent years. The CTLS 6 project will provide additional capacity, greater system flexibility and enhanced reliability to customers in the area.

Construction Information 

Construction for CTLS 6 will take place on Coldwater Canyon Avenue, Oeste Avenue, and Avenida Del Sol.  Some lane closures may be necessary around work areas; LADWP will work with the Department of Transportation to create a traffic plan. Work hours are expected to be Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Extended hours and Saturday work may be necessary. Some street parking will be unavailable. Temporary No Parking/Tow Away signs will be posted as needed. Local access will be provided. Deliveries and emergency access will continue as usual. 

Project Schedule

Winter 2025 – Summer 2026


Studio City


Project Engineer
Susan Avila
(213) 367-4750
[email protected]

Community Affairs
Michael Ventre
(213) 367-1381
[email protected]