Project Background

As part of its Water Infrastructure Improvement Program, LADWP will replace over 6 miles of an aged pipeline with a new, seismically resilient pipeline. The extensive replacement project, referred to as City Trunk Line North (CTLN) Unit 1 and Unit 2, will provide additional capacity, greater system flexibility, and enhanced reliability to customers in the San Fernando Valley.

The original Los Angeles City Trunk Line is a 72-inch steel pipeline used to transport large volumes of water throughout the Northeast San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. The pipeline was installed in 1914 and has experienced several leaks in the last 16 years.

City Trunkline North Map

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

LADWP prepared an Initial Study/ Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/ MND) to analyze the potential for impacts associated with the CTLN project. The IS/MND is available at

Project Scope

CTLN Unit 1 will be 4-miles of 54-inch Earthquake Resistant Ductile Iron Pipe (ERDIP), stretching LADWP’s Van Norman Complex in Sylmar (at Rinaldi Street) to the intersection of Arleta Avenue and Terra Bella Street in Arleta. ERDIP increases resiliency during seismic events since the joints are designed to resist separation by allowing for expansion and deflection. Unit 1 is a 6-year project from winter 2023 to fall 2028.

CTLN Unit 2 will be constructed of seismically resistant, 54-inch welded steel pipe, also suitable for the area. This 2-mile section follows Arleta Avenue towards the Tujunga Wash. Unit 2 is a 5-year project from fall 2021 through winter 2026.

Most of the CTLN project will be installed using open trench construction and LADWP crews, with the exception of areas where a form of tunneling is necessary.

Project Schedule

Description of Work Status
Design Complete
Public Notice of IS/MND Availability  January 10, 2019
IS/MND Public Comment Period  January 10, 2019 through February 11, 2019
MND Approval Summer 2019
Design Phase 2018 - 2028

2021 - 2028

  • Unit 2 Construction - Fall 2021 to Winter 2026
  • Unit 1 Construction - Spring 2024 – Winter 2028

Traffic and Access

Construction will require temporary lane reductions and restrictions to street parking near the work area.

For work areas involving underground tunneling, there will be access pits on both sides of the intersection to accommodate the crew and materials. This will also allow

Construction Information / Construction Schedule

  • Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Some Saturday and extended hours may be necessary.
  • LADWP will provide advance notice to businesses of changes to traffic and parking related to construction activities.

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