When do you need to request an unmetered service point?

  • Private Development projects typically require installation of new or updated street lights located on a public right-of-way.
  • Projects approved or in coordination with the Department of Transportation City of Los Angeles that install a new or upgraded traffic signal gear to a signalized intersection or a crosswalk.
  • Projects approved or in coordination with the Bureau of Street Lighting City of Los Angeles that add new equipment such as an Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Bus Shelter Illumination system, communication antenna, solar panels installed on street lights, or any other electric devices that will be connected to an existing street lighting circuit.

If you would like to submit an unmetered service point, please visit Online Street Light Engineering Submittal Portal.

Outdoor Lighting

LADWP Outdoor Lighting really make a difference - just look how a single medium size light can transform your property - making it safe, secure, and enhancing its appeal.

Outdoor area lighting before

Before Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor area lighting after

After LADWP Outdoor Lighting installed

About Outdoor Lighting

If you are interested in participating in this program, please call 1-800-DIAL-DWP (1-800-342-5397) or visit Online Street Light Engineering Submittal Portal for more information. An LADWP Outdoor Lighting Specialist will contact you to schedule an appointment, select the outdoor lighting fixture that is right for you, and explain the related costs.

  • Installation: All you need is a wooden LADWP utility pole with an appropriate voltage within 25 feet of your property line
  • No Repair or Replacement Costs: If your light is ever broken or needs to be replaced, you pay nothing. LADWP pays for all repairs and replacements.
  • Risk Free: After one year you can cancel LADWP Outdoor Lighting at any time, with no penalty or remaining financial commitment.
  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee: Within seven days you can call us back to make any adjustments or to remove the fixture. No questions asked.
  • More Light - Less Cost: You can get more light at less cost from our high efficient, high output lighting - in fact up to one hundred and sixty five times more light than a standard 60 watt household light bulb.

Advantages of LADWP Outdoor Lighting

  • Security: Law enforcement agencies all agree - more light usually means less crime, less vandalism, more security. Unlit premises are an open invitation to a thief. 
  • Endorsed by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD): LAPD recommends Outdoor Lighting to improve security for your business or home. 
  • Safety: Lighting reduces accidents - for a business this might mean less liability and longer operating hours - for homeowners it means a safer place for friends and family who visit at night. 
  • Efficiency: LADWP Outdoor Area Lighting is very efficient. Our fixtures provide six to ten times as much light as conventional lighting for the same energy consumption.