Electric or water theft or tampering with services is a serious problem. Billions of dollars are stolen annually from utility companies. This lost revenue ultimately is passed on to you in the form of higher rates. The LADWP Revenue Security Unit has posted this to allow YOU to report theft or tampering. It is our goal to stop all theft thereby keeping your rates lower.


Electric and water theft is a public safety issue. Hazardous conditions can cause fire, property damage, electric shock, personal injury, and even death. Anyone may become a victim – the thief, innocent family members, neighbors, friends, and utility workers.

Utility Theft is a CRIME

LADWP encourages you to assist by reporting instances of suspected theft or tampering. Your report is very important and will be investigated and handled appropriately. The information you provide will remain anonymous.

To report suspected theft or tampering, go to the Report Utility Theft and Tampering Form.