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Solar Incentive Program (SIP)

How to apply


Solar Incentive Program funds are no longer available for new applications.

Verification Requirements for Solar Incentive Program

Solar Incentive Program (SIP) applications received on or after April 1, 2018 must provide equipment verification for all projects 10 kW CEC-AC and greater. The Online Incentive Payment Claim Form, submitted in PowerClerk, must include:

  1.    As-built drawings including the single line diagram and the layout of the installed system indicating the location of all inverter(s)
  2. Wide angle images of each array and the system in its entirety (multiple images are encouraged)
  3. Front view image of each inverter
  4. Image of LADWP NET Meter or the Permission to Operate (PTO) email
  5. Image of module nameplate (located on the backside of the panel)
    Note: For multiple modules on site, include one image for each model number. 
  6. Image of inverter nameplate (located on the top, side, or below the inverter)

We recommend combining images into a PDF file, as the maximum file size is 5MB. Upload the equipment verification to their respective fields labeled “required for 10 kW CEC-AC and greater” in PowerClerk.

Please direct any questions regarding this process to [email protected].


Solar Billing Information

If you have an inquiry regarding your account or solar bill, please call us at 1-866-484-0433.


Solar Meter Installation/Interconnection Information

For information about the solar net meter installation and interconnection process, please go to Request a Solar Meter.
You may also contact us by Phone: (213) EMPOWER or (213) 367-6937; or Email: [email protected]


How to Apply

Solar Incentive Program funds are no longer available for new applications.